The Grady Bunch

by Ken Ham on November 24, 2018
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Many families choose to come and visit both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum for family vacations, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries—we’ve even had couples come and visit us on their honeymoon! One large family, the Grady’s, recently joined us at the Ark for their family reunion.

Members of the family travelled from four separate states but originally come from a four-generation family farm in Iowa. Several of them also visited the Creation Museum and spoke highly of their visit. They decided to have their family reunion at the Ark because it was an attraction that would be both an enjoyable and a safe family-friendly environment for both young children and adults. The fifty-one members of the family who visited the Ark wore matching shirts for the occasion and spoke of the great godly legacy their parents left behind. One member of the family told us:

Our grandparents began a church in 1939, and our mother was a charter member. As family have married and raised families, Christ has been the center of the homes and all who are of an age to understand, have a personal relationship with the Lord. All who have gone on before us are with the Lord today. Although many of our family have moved to other states, the foundation is still Jesus Christ whom we give praise for his love and sovereignty in our lives. Gathering together like we did at the Ark, in an environment of Truth and Grace. What a beautiful legacy.

Grady Family
Grady Family

What a blessing to hear of such a wonderful legacy of godliness. At Answers in Genesis, we always want to encourage parents to leave a godly legacy to their children, as the Grady parents did and as my parents did for me.

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