Buddy’s Crazy True-Life Adventures by Buddy Davis Now Available

by Ken Ham on November 25, 2018
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My good friend Buddy Davis (AiG singer, dinosaur sculptor, workshop leader, adventurer, author) certainly has his fair share of crazy stories to tell! He’s been all over the world digging for dinosaurs, exploring caves, whitewater rafting, going on safaris, and much more. After years of traveling around the world, he’s had quite a few adventures. And he’s finally put 60 of his favorite adventure stories—including some from when he was a boy—into a book for everyone to enjoy. Buddy’s Crazy True-Life Adventures is now available from our online store.

Packed with full-color photographs, this book will make you feel like you’re sitting around the campfire with Buddy, listening to him tell his stories as only he can. It’s a book you’ll enjoy and will want to share with your kids, especially if they’re fans of Buddy’s very popular DVD series, Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventures. One of his adventure DVDs (on the ice age) won a first-place for best children’s film at a movie festival earlier this year.

Buddy hunts dinosaurs—well dead ones anyway! And the log cabin he and his wife built gives one a feeling of being filled with billions of dead things, buried in each room, all over the place! He’s an adventurer, a hunter, a dinosaur sculptor, a singer, and an all-around unique person. He’s fearlessly gone where many would not be prepared to go. Now in his latest book, you can go on many of his crazy adventures and enjoy the excitement and thrill of it all without leaving your home! Kids, teens, and adults will love reading these accounts of his true-life adventures.

But it’s more than just a collection of silly and serious stories from throughout his life. The stories are woven with lessons that will impact hearts and souls, so you’re sure to be encouraged in your own walk with the Lord.

I encourage you to visit our online store and order a copy of Buddy’s Crazy True-Life Adventures for your own library.

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