Ways to Show Your Pastor You Appreciate Him

by Ken Ham
Featured in Ken Ham Blog

When was the last time you let your pastor and his family know that you appreciate them? As many pastors will tell you, being a pastor is an intense, difficult calling (serving in ministry always is) that requires hard work and sacrifice. Well, today is considered Pastor Appreciation Day in the US—the perfect day to let your pastor know that he is appreciated and loved by you and the rest of the congregation.

Here are some ways (in addition to kind words) you can show your appreciation:

  • Write a note. Sit down and write a handwritten note thanking them for their service to you, your family, and the church. Try and be specific about aspects of their particular ministry that have personally blessed you.
  • Plan a date night or family day. Pastoral work can be hard on family life. Show how much you appreciate the sacrifices and service of the whole family by planning a date night, or giving a gift card to a nice restaurant, for the pastor and his wife or a family day event the whole family can enjoy. Perhaps consider sending the family to spend a few days in Northern Kentucky visiting the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. They will be refreshed and encouraged by these two faith-building attractions and some time spent as a family.
  • Drop by with a hot meal. Cook up your family favorite and stop by to say hi and drop off dinner. You can also include an encouraging note with the meal prep instructions.
  • Pay for or provide a service. Consider cutting his lawn, raking the leaves, or cleaning out his gutters before winter. Better yet, get several different families from the church involved to get the pastor’s home ready for the coming winter season all in one day.
  • Add to his library. Is your pastor a reader? Add to his collection with some AiG classics such as The New Answers Book series, The Lie, Six Days, Gospel Reset, and One Race, One Blood. Or, if he’s already familiar with these resources, help him go deeper with books such as Searching for Adam, Coming to Grips with Genesis, or Replacing Darwin.
  • Consider getting together with others in your church to send him to next year’s Answers for Pastors Conference. The Conference features Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham, Dr. Charles Ware, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Johnny Hunt and more and will take place from October 8 to October 10, 2019. The Conference was a great success this year and we trust your pastor would be blessed by next year’s conference.

Can’t get this together today? Don’t worry, your pastor is sure to appreciate encouragement any day of the year (and there’s still time before Pastoral Care Week, October 23–29, 2018).

And from us at Answers in Genesis—thank you, pastors, for all you do for the church!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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