Sneak Peek of New Beginning, a Brand-New AiG Short Film

by Ken Ham on September 4, 2018
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Our hard-working and very talented A/V and media crews are very excited to give you a sneak peek of our brand-new short film, New Beginning. This touching film looks at the Noah’s flood account from an unusual angle: the perspective of Shem’s wife.

This short film follows the wife of one of Noah’s sons (she is never named in Scripture) as she writes down her memories of the pre-flood world, the ark voyage, and the new world after the flood for her children. I believe you’ll find this film brings the flood account to life in a new way and makes you think about it differently than you have before.

I’m excited to be able to share the trailer of New Beginning with you—I believe you will be touched by this emotive look into the flood account:

Eventually, a longer version of this intriguing film will be played at the Answers Center, our 2,500 seat multi-purpose auditorium at the Ark Encounter, for our Ark guests to enjoy.

Free Noah's Ark Lessons from Answers Bible Curriculum

As part of our introduction of New Beginning, we’re offering churches and individuals a free digital download of our flood lessons from Answers Bible Curriculum, our Sunday school curriculum for all ages. We hope this video encourages viewers to want to learn more about the account of God’s judgment, mercy, and salvation found in the early chapters of Genesis.

One way you can do that is through these in-depth ABC lessons. The free download is available across all age groups (pre-K through adult) and is sure to bring the flood account to life for your Sunday school or Bible study class. You can learn more, and enjoy your free download, at

And you can also discover more about the ark and flood by visiting our full-size Ark in Northern Kentucky, south of Cincinnati. Plan your visit at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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