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“I Enjoyed Feeling . . . As If I Was There”

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We recently opened our new 4D Special Effects Theater at the Creation Museum. This state-of-the-art theater features stunning 3D (using special infrared technology) and a variety of special effects (seats vibrate and poke, special lighting, air effects, and more for the added “fourth dimension”) to surprise and delight guests as they experience creation week brought to life during the 22-minute show In Six Days. And we’re receiving extremely positive feedback from guests who’ve experienced this remarkable theater.

Here are just a few comments from guests who saw In Six Days the day it was released:

Feedback on In Six Days

People are raving about this theater and the spectacular animated show, In Six Days (taken from the full-length film Genesis: Paradise Lost from our friends at Creation Today). We hope you can come and experience it for yourself—at no extra cost (In Six Days is included with admission)—during a visit to the world-class Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.

Creation Today Staff visit the creation Museum

Leaders of the Creation Today ministry drove up from Florida last week to watch the adaptation of their 3D film Genesis: Paradise Lost. The film’s producer, Eric Hovind, is seen at the bottom right.

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