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by Ken Ham on August 1, 2018
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I have been teaching creation apologetics for over four decades, and it seems no matter where in the world I go or which church I am speaking at, I get the same questions: “If we’re all descended from Adam and Eve, why are there different races?” “Why is there death and suffering in creation?” “Why can’t Christians believe in millions of years?” and “How can I get people to listen to the gospel message?” Well, there are answers to these questions, and many more! And knowing those answers not only helps you think biblically, but also emboldens you to share your faith.

Obviously, I can’t speak in every church, much less to every individual and family about apologetics. So several years ago our A/V team recorded six of my most popular talks and packaged them as a curriculum kit, Foundations, with twelve 30-minute videos and study guides. This allows believers to view six hours of teaching in their home or church, on their own or with a group. We’re thankful modern technology allows us to bring faith-building teaching right into homes and churches across the world!

This series of videos is featured on the leading faith and family video streaming service PureFlix.com. We’ve entered into an agreement with Pure Flix so that even more people will see our content. Eventually all of our over 500 videos will be featured on the Answers in Genesis channel on Pure Flix at no additional cost to subscribers. For the cost of about one DVD a month, you can have access to all of our faith-building content, plus all the other content on PureFlix.com!

Watch this clip from the Always Ready DVD of the Foundations series.

Learn more and try a free one-month trial today at PureFlix.com and get equipped with the AiG videos already available, including the Foundations video series. You can purchase the accompanying study guides, the leader’s guide, and participant workbooks on our online store.

Or visit our online store at AnswersBookstore.com to order the entire Foundations curriculum.

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