Grace Church Pastor Visits Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on April 10, 2018
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Six years ago this month, I had the wonderful privilege of speaking in Minnesota at Grace Church in Eden Prairie (near Minneapolis). It was one of the best-attended conferences that year, and the hunger for our resources was enormous—some of our tables that were piled high with books and videos were swept clean by the enthusiastic, large audience. I talked on topics such as racial reconciliation, the authority of the Bible, and how the book of Genesis is relevant in our modern-day culture.

Last week, it was our pleasure to host Grace’s senior pastor, Troy Dobbs, his wife, Cheri, and their son Drake at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. They flew in from Minneapolis to spend two days with us, enjoy time with Cheri’s parents in the area, and speak at our staff meeting last Tuesday. Here is a photo of Troy sharing Psalm 73 with us.

Troy Dobbs Speaking to AiG Staff

The Dobbs family spent several hours at the Ark, reading just about every sign and watching every video. The family was blown away by what they saw and experienced in the massive ship. They added that the very popular buffet was excellent at the recently renovated Emzara’s restaurant, located near the Ark.

Cheri’s parents live in the Cincinnati area, and they joined the Dobbs for tours of both the Ark and museum. Troy pastored a church here in Northern Kentucky about 20 years ago.

Here is a photo of the five of them in front of our green screen at the Creation Museum.

Troy Dobbs Family at the Creation Museum

This large Minnesota church, known for its huge sanctuary, has sent dozens of its people to Northern Kentucky to tour our two world-class attractions. More and more churches are doing the same as they understand the need to equip coming generations to defend the Christian faith against the secular attacks of our age.

By the way, their son Drake is an excellent high school basketball player. Only a sophomore, he recently scored eight points in just two seconds in a high school basketball game. Now, try to think how this might have been accomplished. (Hint: it involved foul shots due to technical fouls being charged the other team.)

It’s great to have ministry partners like Pastor Dobbs who teach their church body the truths of the Bible, from its very first verse.

Troy Dobbs Family at the Ark Encounter

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