Free Easter Lessons from Answers Bible Curriculum

by Ken Ham
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Easter Sunday, a day specifically set aside to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (on April 1 this year), is an excellent time to help children understand the significance of this historical event. That’s why we’re offering free Easter lessons for Pre-K through Grade 8 from our popular Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC).

These free lesson downloads, “Jesus Died for Sinners” and “Jesus Rose from the Dead,” include everything you need such as

  • Teacher guide
  • Posters
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Take-home sheets
  • And more!

Students will see from the Bible how Jesus willingly went to Jerusalem to die, how his suffering and death paid the penalty for sinners, and how his Resurrection provides eternal life for all who repent and believe. Salvation is a free gift. And, because it’s Answers Bible Curriculum, each lesson features teaching right from God’s Word and practical apologetics. These are staples of every lesson in ABC, which is our four-year, chronological Sunday school curriculum.

You don’t have to be using ABC to use these free lessons; they also work as standalone lessons. But we encourage churches to consider using ABC. Over 10,000 churches do, and there’s no other Sunday school curriculum like it on the market. It combines apologetics, biblical authority, and chronological teaching to make God’s Word come alive and teaches all ages to defend their faith, from the very beginning.

Learn more and download the free lessons today!

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