The 10 Minute Bible Journey Now Available as an Audiobook

by Ken Ham
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We recently released a brand-new resource by AiG VP Dale Mason, The 10 Minute Bible Journey. This excellent book gives you the big picture of Scripture in just 52 quick reads. By putting the events in Scripture chronologically, it really helps the Bible make more sense and gives you a historical framework to anchor the other events in Scripture around. And now this excellent resource is available as an audiobook read by the author and his wife!

Dale said,

I decided to record the book the same way I would read it to my family, with lots of emotion! It’s fun. Getting “in character” has always been a key to helping the Bible’s amazing events stick for me, and for our kids. I encourage you to read the print version as well, so you get maximum benefit from the illustrations and the timeline and the special apologetics info sprinkled through the endnotes.

With the audiobook, you can discover the big picture of the Bible while commuting to work, chauffeuring the kids to soccer practice, or traveling to church as a family. Or, if you’ve got a spring break family trip coming up (perhaps to the Ark Encounter or Creation Museum), this audiobook is a great way to use the travel time wisely.

It features 363 minutes of audio (read by the author and his wife)—that’s over six hours of content! And because it’s written as 52 quick reads, you can easily pause the audio for restroom or food stops without losing your place. Or if you have a short church or work commute, you can listen to one full chapter each trip.

Discover the Bible chronologically and find Jesus throughout the whole Bible with The 10 Minute Bible Journey audiobook. For a limited time, receive a special discount on the audio book when you purchase the print book. Order or download your copy from our online store today.

And try a free download of the three Easter accounts from the book in both audio and PDF.

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