The Riot and the Dance Wildlife Documentary Coming to Theaters March 19

by Ken Ham on February 10, 2018
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God’s creation is astounding, no matter where you look. Wildlife documentaries are a great way to see some incredible creatures you might otherwise never see (or perhaps even notice), but very rarely do documentaries give credit to the One who created all things. And that’s why we’re thrilled to promote a stunning new nature documentary, The Riot and the Dance, featuring biologist Dr. Gordon Wilson.

As you can see from the above trailer, the cinematography is outstanding—just like what you would expect from a BBC nature documentary, except it’s not promoting atheistic evolution as most documentaries do.

Dr. Wilson takes you to his own backyard—a pond in the woods—to see the amazing creatures that you may overlook. Then you’ll travel through the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, then across the globe to Sri Lanka. Along the way you’ll meet remarkable animals and plants, including deadly snakes, elephant seals, a wide variety of lizards and frogs, beautiful birds, spectacular scenery, and more.

And it’s all from a perspective that honors God and gives glory to him for his creation. The fantastic teaching weaves seamlessly with the wildlife footage featured throughout the film.

Facebook Live with the Film's Director

I did a Facebook Live recently with the director of the film, discussing why they named it The Riot and the Dance and why they decided to make a nature documentary. I encourage you watch this video to learn more about the film:

The Riot and the Dance is coming to US theaters as a Fathom event March 19, 2018. Get your tickets now before this incredible documentary sells out.

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