Bible College Quartet Visits the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham
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During one of our morning staff meetings recently, we were blessed with a selection of songs from the Hobe Sound Bible College Quartet. These talented young men sang several hymns and other gospel songs. This Bible college in South Florida has just recently been added to our Creation Colleges list. We’re thrilled to see another Bible college that publicly affirms the truth of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis.

Hobe Sound College Quartet
Hobe Sound College Quartet

Our A/V team recorded one of their songs, the classic hymn “In the Garden,” by American songwriter C. Austin Miles, so I thought I would share it with you. I must admit, it was an emotional moment for me listening to that hymn, as it was one of my father’s favorites. My father sang this hymn in a quartet, so I could “hear” him singing it as I listened!

Shortly after the visit by the quartet, the president of Hobe Sound Bible College, Daniel Stetler, came and spoke to our staff during another morning staff meeting. He toured the Creation Museum along with his daughter and two local Christian leaders.

DanieL Stetler Speaks to AiG Staff

You can learn more about Hobe Sound Bible College at

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