Ark Encounter Employees and Hurricane Relief

by Ken Ham
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A recent issue of Grant County News (the newspaper for the Kentucky county where the Ark Encounter is located) carried a story that featured two of our Ark Encounter employees. Kim Haubner, from Ararat Ridge Zoo, and Greg Nix, a shuttle bus driver at the Ark, were both involved with hurricane relief work in Florida after Hurricane Irma. Kim drove a trailer full of water and other items to one of the hardest hit areas of Florida to hand out supplies and to help where needed. Greg, who is a Red Cross volunteer, took 30 days off work to transport other Red Cross volunteers around Orlando.

The Grant County News quoted Kim and Greg as they talked about their experience helping others. Kim said, “It was neat to be His hands and feet. . . . The people and their stories are just amazing.” Greg said, “It’s just a proud moment to work with so many people who care. . . . It’s amazing to see people who left their jobs, their incomes, to help someone else, and I’m happy to be a part of that.

We are thankful for our employees who traveled to Florida to help others. I actually bumped into Greg in the airport as I was headed to speak at a conference in Florida a couple of days before the hurricane hit.

Greg Nix and Ken Ham

We thank those AiG supporters who generously gave toward our fundraising effort to raise money for our ministry partners, Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF), to send trucks of supplies to help hurricane victims. With their help and the generosity of our supporters, we raised $210,000 in just a few days. Those funds were sent a few weeks ago to CHF to help get supplies to needy areas.

This same issue of Grant County News also contains an article about our upcoming Día Latino days at the Ark Encounter (September 30) and Creation Museum (October 1). This event is our way of reaching out with Spanish-language presentations, translators, and resources so that Spanish-speakers can hear the message of biblical authority, get equipped with answers, and hear the gospel in their own language.

The Grant County News article provided good, accurate coverage of this exciting upcoming event. It's great to see positive and accurate reporting from the media. Learn more about Dia Latino at or

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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