Princeton University Sponsors Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

by Ken Ham
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You wouldn’t expect a University Office of Religious Life to support the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. But pro-life students at Princeton University were understandably upset when the associate dean of religious life and the program assistant posted on Facebook that they “fully enjoyed co-sponsoring and attending” a fundraising run for Planned Parenthood of New Jersey.

If you want to discuss “women’s rights,” how about discussing the right to life for all women, including those who are yet to be born?

The purpose of this event was to “raise funds and visibility for Planned Parenthood of New Jersey—and to advance the social dialogue about equitable healthcare, women’s rights, and empowered wellness more broadly!” Now, if you want to advance “social dialogue” on healthcare, Planned Parenthood is not the group to support. They don’t provide much in the way of “healthcare”—they murder babies in their mother’s wombs. And if you want to discuss “women’s rights,” how about discussing the right to life for all women, including those who are yet to be born?

Sponsoring a Planned Parenthood fundraiser—especially having the University Office of Religious Life sponsor such an event—is a slap in the face to Princeton students who value and uphold the dignity of all life, including the lives of the unborn. And it is especially distasteful to those the Office of Religious Life is supposed to support—Christians and other faith groups, many of whom are traditionally and theologically opposed to abortion.

When universities like Princeton back Planned Parenthood, they abandon a commitment to dialoguing about healthcare or women’s rights. Rather they show a commitment to the violent ending of a life—the life of the unborn. And that is a commitment that harms women, families, and children.

We need to stand up for those without a voice and encourage women to choose life for their babies. Abortion is nothing less than the sacrifice of children to the god of self. Learn more about the sanctity of life on our website.

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