Kindergarten Transgender Reveal, a “Pronoun Mishap” and Abandoning God’s Word

by Ken Ham
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The craziness of a culture unhinged from the truth of God’s Word continues! Two stories, both involving the same charter school in California, have been in the news recently because of transgender controversy. And both stories highlight the confusion that results from abandoning the absolute authority of God’s Word.

Apparently, at the end of the school year a few months ago, a kindergarten teacher read two kids’ books dealing with transgender to her class. After reading the books, a male student got up and reportedly switched into girls’ clothing and was introduced to the class as a girl with a different name and different pronouns. Parents had not been notified this was going to happen, and many were understandably upset about it, as were many of the children in the class who were confused and scared by it all.

Well, this academy is back in the news again because a first grader greeted this boy, who now identifies as a girl, by his original male name, the name she knew him as all last year. Reportedly, the first grader was reprimanded on the playground and sent to the principal’s office to determine if the incident was bullying or a genuine “pronoun mishap.” Apparently, the little girl was very upset from the incident and felt as if she was being punished for greeting someone.

As schools and other institutions bend over backward to accommodate the sinful behaviors of those in the LGBT community, we will only see instances like this increase.

As schools and other institutions bend over backward to accommodate the sinful behaviors of those in the LGBT community, we will only see instances like this increase. It’s very sad that this young boy (yes, he’s genetically and physiologically a male), who believes he is a girl, is being encouraged to forsake his God-given gender and embrace a sinful lifestyle that he doesn’t fully understand. And it’s equally sad that other children—very young children—are being indoctrinated in the secular transgender ideology.

But this kind of confusion is exactly what we expect from a culture that has abandoned the absolute authority of God’s Word. Without an ultimate standard for what is right and wrong, “anything goes,” just as it did in the days of the Old Testament judges when everyone did what was right in their own eyes (Judges 21:25).

As Christians, we can reach out to a confused world with solid, biblical answers. There are only two sexes—male and female. Because we are created uniquely by God, we don’t have the authority to redefine sex and gender. We don’t own ourselves; God owns us. Yes, because of sin and the Curse (Genesis 3), there are going to be cases where physical bodies are affected by sin, and parents and doctors need to make informed decisions. And, yes, again because of sin and the Curse, there are going to be those who struggle with gender dysphoria, even possibly from a very young age. But the answer is not to encourage people to reject God’s design and embrace a sinful lifestyle, particularly children. It’s to point people toward the hope and freedom that can be found only in Jesus Christ and what he did for us on the Cross.

And that’s the message this world desperately needs to hear.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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