South Korean Media Visit the Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham
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People from all over the world are interested in the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. Whenever I chat with some of the guests at these attractions, I always meet people from nations other than the United States. And, a year after opening, we still get international media interest—people are just fascinated by the life-size Noah’s Ark. Recently a media team representing a South Korean TV network came to the Ark and Creation Museum to interview me and put a video together on the Ark attraction.

Ken Ham with South Korean TV Crew Ken Ham with South Korean TV Crew

CGNTV, the network that interviewed me, is a mission and education broadcast network that, according to its website, provides various programs for the spiritual growth of pastors, missionaries, and laypeople. It broadcasts in 174 languages in 8 regions around the world. CGNTV is currently available in over 170 countries, such as Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and America, with its main headquarters being in South Korea.

Here is the short video that the South Korean team put together about the Ark. It includes a short interview with me in my office.

It’s exciting that our brothers and sisters in South Korea will hear about this world-class attraction that is sharing the gospel with thousands of people from around the world each day. And we look forward to meeting those who will visit as a result.

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