Help Bring Genesis 3D Into a Theater Near You

by Ken Ham
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Our friends over at Creation Today made a very exciting announcement recently—their film, Genesis 3D, is finished and ready to hit theaters! This film has been seven years in the making and features stunning visual effects and the latest in scientific research. It’s designed to bring the pages of Genesis to life before your very eyes. But they need your help to get it into theaters.

Eric Hovind, of Creation Today, released this short video on his Facebook page announcing that the film is finished and ready for distribution in November. But they need to raise the funds for distribution first.

This is an exciting announcement! Genesis 3D will show the true history of the world and highlight the truth of God’s Word, from the very beginning, right on the big screen—with 3D dinosaurs! Putting it into hundreds of theaters across America would allow thousands of people to learn about the truth of God’s Word and the true history of the universe and mankind. And many of these people might not go to church or perhaps have never heard a scientific defense of creation or Genesis. What a great opportunity to take your family, friends, or church group to the theater!

It’s been so encouraging to see a number of Christian films recently shown in movie theaters. This is another of those movies we give our unqualified support to.

I encourage you to learn more about the film and consider giving toward production costs at

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