Beautifying the Ark Grounds with Horticultural Additions

by Ken Ham
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Thousands of people pour into the Ark every day—attendance has been phenomenal! With so many updates and additions being made at the Ark Encounter property here in Northern Kentucky, it looks different every time I visit! These additions help us handle and disperse the massive crowds we’re seeing at the Ark.

Our very talented horticultural team has been beautifying the grounds with gorgeous flowers, trees, and other plants. Most of these plants were grown onsite in our own greenhouses. And several topiaries—sculpted wire statues filled with moss—are scattered around the lake in front of the Ark, with more to come. I thought I’d share some pictures of these exciting additions with you.

Topiary Camels Topiary Lions Ark Encounter Lake West Village Stage West Village Garden Greenhouse

The horticultural team has also designed beautiful gardens around the queue lines leading to the ramp that enters the Ark. These gardens are beautiful; they even feature an Australian tree my wife has cared for over the last 20 years.

Queue Line Australian Bottlebrush

We’ve also added, and are continuing to add, steles (monument stones) that depict the true history of the universe in a very pictorial form.

Monument Stone

This short video shows people visiting the Ark, giving you a glimpse of some of the many exhibits that you’ll see when you visit. The clip will give you a feel for being inside Noah’s Ark.

If you haven’t come to visit the Ark Encounter, I encourage you to plan your visit today. You’ll love the beautiful grounds, Ararat Ridge Zoo and its petting zoo, the zip lines, the restaurant, the gift store, and, of course, the three decks full of world-class exhibits—not to mention the massive Ark structure itself!

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