“You Have Done a Wonderful Thing” at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on June 26, 2017
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With the opening of the Ark Encounter last July, we’ve seen the number of guests visiting the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, triple and even quadruple on some days. In fact, we’ve had to expand our parking lot to accommodate 1,200 additional guest vehicles. What a good problem to have!

In addition to the museum facilities, petting zoo, the beautiful botanical gardens, zip lines, and more, the museum offers our very popular workshops. One of these workshops is the Snakes Alive reptile workshop with herpetologist Rick Teepen. I thought I’d share some feedback we received from Joyce, a grandmother from Ohio, on this fantastic program.

My husband and I brought our 8-year-old grandson to see the Ark and also went to the Creation Museum for the second time. V. loved both of them. You have done a wonderful thing here—to plan for safe, happy places for us to take V. He was especially impressed with the lizard/snake man. . . . During his program he . . . wove the gospel through the fall to present day. He challenged the children and the adults to do God’s work in whatever place He has placed you. Even children.

Thank you for a biblical presentation that we can trust.

He was especially kind to our grandson—he talked with V. before his presentation and allowed him to pet the big lizard. . . . He had no idea the impact he had on V. The Monday after we came home, he went to school and led two of his friends to the Lord. V. was saved as a five year old—he goes to public school, which is a real challenge. We pray for this little boy.

The reason for this card is to say thank you for your foresight. Thank you for a biblical presentation that we can trust. V. had the time of his life, and your people really impressed him. . . . How wonderful this place is—your workers are amazing.

If you haven’t visited the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter yet, be sure to plan a trip soon! We’re near Cincinnati. You can learn more, and see a schedule of our workshops, at CreationMuseum.org.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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