What Do Islam and Mormonism Have in Common?

by Ken Ham
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What do the religions of Islam and Mormonism have in common? And how would you share gospel truth with someone who holds to either of these beliefs? Though many of us wouldn’t know what to say, we need to be prepared in all circumstances to effectively share the gospel with others. That’s why we’re featuring our World Religions Conference this summer, July 24–27, 2017, here in Northern Kentucky.

Recently two of the conference speakers, Roger Patterson and Dr. Tommy Mitchell, answered the question, “What do Islam and Mormonism have in common?” and gave some more details on this exciting conference. You can watch their conversation in the video below.

Learn what other religions believe and how to reach them. Register for the World Religions Conference.

I encourage you to register for this unique conference—and do so soon because hotels in the area are hard to find this summer due to the remarkable attendance at the Ark Encounter, just 25 minutes from the conference site.

You can learn more about our World Religions Conference on the events page of our website. The conference will deal with not only Islam and Mormonism, but also many other man-based religions—including atheism. Yes, as we have written many times before, atheism is a religion.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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