Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition Now Available

by Ken Ham
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We’re very excited about the significant update to our very popular Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC). ABC is a Sunday school curriculum (also adaptable for use as a homeschool, Christian school, or small group curriculum) that studies the Bible using a chronological approach. It is full of apologetics content and solid Bible teaching.

ABC is also synchronized across age groups, from preschool to adult, so that dad, mom, and the kids are all learning the same thing on varying levels of depth.

Well, ABC has recently been updated, and ABC 2nd edition is now available.

We’ve received feedback from hundreds of teachers and students, and have incorporated their suggestions into this second edition. As a result, the curriculum is expanded, simplified, and packed with bonus materials.

What’s New in 2nd Edition

Here’s what’s new:

  • Four years, instead of three. There are now 200 lessons that walk you through the Bible chronologically over four years. That’s an addition of 44 new lessons!
  • Numbered lessons instead of quarters. This makes it easy to start, pause, and pick back up wherever you left off. This also makes it easier to use ABC in non-Sunday school settings (i.e., homeschool or Christian school).
  • Available for six age groups; Pre-K–1, grades 2–3, 4–5, middle school, high school, and adult.
  • Games, activities, and crafts are now available for nearly every lesson.
  • Video clips from Answers in Genesis resources enhance many of the lessons.
  • Two original memory verse songs for each unit (a total of 20 units of 10).

Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition is now available. And you can try a month’s worth of lessons for free! This download gives you all the content for the first four lessons—for all age groups—absolutely free!

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