Buddy Davis’ New Ice Age DVD Available for Preorder

by Ken Ham

My good friend Buddy Davis (dinosaur sculptor, singer, and workshop leader at the Creation Museum) is back for another amazing adventure. Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures is a very popular DVD series for the entire family, and we’re excited to announce his newest DVD, Ice Age, is available for preorder.

In Ice Age you’ll follow Buddy to Alaska to explore glaciers, kayak among icebergs, and meet some musk oxen. You’ll learn all about the Ice Age and how the global Flood of Noah’s Day unlocks the mystery of this frozen time in earth’s past. Through songs and fun cartoons—and even some fascinating animal skulls—you’ll meet some of the incredible animals that roamed earth in the days after the Flood, including saber-tooth tigers, beavers the size of bears, and giant sloths.

Family Fun Night at the Creation Museum

Ice Age will be shown for the first time ever at this Family Fun Night at the Creation Museum. The event also includes delicious food and entertainment by Dan the Balloon Man and, of course, Buddy Davis. This would be a great evening for your family!

Buddy and I have been friends a very long time (seems like millions of years). Whenever we get together, we have some fun, joking with one another. Well, I recently met up with Buddy to discuss his new DVD and its premiere happening June 9, 2017, here at the Creation Museum (and, of course, we had some fun with it). To learn more about our upcoming Family Fun Night, you can watch the video of our time together.

Two More New Resources from Buddy

Buddy also has two other new resources. His new CD of original music, My Help Comes from the Lord, is now available. This CD features 13 new songs, including one featured in Ice Age. You can order My Help Comes from the Lord through our online store.

Buddy’s New YouTube Channel

Buddy has also started a YouTube channel where he will be adding videos of his songs, clips from his videos, and personal videos. On this fun new channel, you will get to know Buddy more. It’s a great resource for kids and adults alike. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of his fun content.

Reserve Your Spot Today

We hope to see you June 9, 2017, for our Family Fun Night featuring the premiere of Ice Age. Our family fun events often sell out, so be sure to reserve your spot today. Learn more on the events page of the Creation Museum website.

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