Queue Gardens, Aviaries, Steles, and More Expansions at Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham on May 25, 2017
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We’re very excited about all the outdoor expansions currently under construction or recently completed at the Ark Encounter south of Cincinnati. I recently conducted a Facebook Live video highlighting the completed expansions and the ones still to come. You can watch that video here.

West Village

Artwork of the West Village Expansion

This video features the coming aviaries, which will house various bird species; six steles (monument stones) that give the true history of the world in hieroglyphs; the new queue line gardens, including a plant that has a special meaning to me (watch the video below to see it!); and the East and West Villages, including new food kiosks, artisan shops, and more. And that’s just a few of the expansions coming to the Ark in the future! The West Village will be finished by this weekend.

As just one example of the expansions, the gardens in the queue line at the Ark Encounter have now been planted. Here are some photos of this lovely garden.

Queue Line Garden Queue Line Garden Queue Line Garden

The enhancements continue (and will continue for years to come) as thousands pour in daily to Northern Kentucky to see the Ark and the Creation Museum, 45 minutes from the Ark. Plan your visit at ArkEncounter.com and CreationMuseum.org. And come back to enjoy the ongoing enhancements and even some concerts, including a concert by Steven Curtis Chapman.

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