Mega Floods Are No Longer “Geological Heresy” to Science

by Ken Ham
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National Geographic recently ran an interesting story about the scablands in Washington State. The subtitle reads, “Geologists couldn’t account for the strange landforms of eastern Washington State. Then a high school teacher dared to question the scientific dogma of his day.”

In 1909, high-school-teacher-turned-geologist J. Harlen Bretz noticed that the features of the scablands couldn’t be the result of slow and gradual processes over millions of years as was commonly believed at the time. He proposed that a massive flood carved out these startling features. But this “was geological heresy,” and his ideas were dismissed. And it wasn’t because he didn’t have evidence—he did, and what he proposed is accepted as fact today (with a few modifications).

The geologists of his day rejected his proposal because they were locked into the mindset of millions of years of slow processes and didn’t want to consider anything that sounded like it could have been related to the biblical Flood of Noah’s day. It’s the same sort of bias we currently see secularists exhibiting.

From a biblical perspective, what we see in Washington State, and other places, makes sense.

From a biblical perspective, what we see in Washington State, and other places, makes sense. There was a global Flood that ripped up miles of sediment and redeposited it in layers. After the Flood, massive lakes—much larger than today’s Great Lakes in North America—were left behind. As the post-Flood Ice Age ended, the lakes breached their ice dams and flooded huge portions of land, carving geological features in a matter of hours to days.

Geologists today miss the overwhelming evidence of a global Flood (that’s staring at them all across the earth) because they are blinded by the idea of millions of years of slow and gradual processes. Many geologists won’t even consider the history in the Bible because of their naturalistic assumptions about the history of the earth. But it’s the Bible that provides the true history of the universe, and this has been confirmed over and over again as we study the world around us.

Why won’t secular geologists consider the Bible’s history? Because if the Bible is right in its history, then they would be challenged to consider the Bible’s morality—and the gospel message that is based on that history!

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