Bone-Inspired Steel Borrows from God’s Design

by Ken Ham
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Researchers and scientists constantly turn to God’s creation for unique answers to design problems. After all, God is the greatest designer ever—a God who is infinite in wisdom and knowledge. This practice, called biomimicry, points to the wisdom of our Creator. Our best designs can never rival God’s remarkable handiwork all around us. The latest example of biomimicry is a new experimental steel design inspired by bones.

According to an article in Science News, one of steel’s weaknesses is that, after repeated stress, “microscopic cracks” appear which make the material fracture. In an attempt to create stronger, longer-lasting steel, researchers have turned to bones (created by God), which “have a complex inner structure that helps them deal with stress.” Bones are designed with “tiny vertically aligned fibers building up into larger cylinders.”

To copy the design of bones, researchers “fabricated steel with thin, alternating nanoscale layers of different crystal structures, some of which were just unstable enough to morph a bit under stress.” More research and testing needs to be done, but this may allow researchers to solve a problem with steel.

Inspiration for new engineering design is seen throughout creation.

Inspiration for new engineering design is seen throughout creation. Borrowing from, or even copying, God’s design is a great way to glorify him through what he has made. But we need to be careful that we never “[worship and serve] the creature rather than the Creator” (Romans 1:25), as many evolutionists and secularists do. It is the Designer of this universe who is to be praised, not the wonderful things he has made.

I pray we can raise up a generation of researchers and scientists who will study creation for God’s glory and the advancement of his kingdom.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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