Join AiG Outreach Team at the Iowa State Fair

by Ken Ham
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This August 10–20, 2017, over one million people will gather for the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa. A team of evangelists from Answers in Genesis is going to share the good news of the gospel with as many people as they can—and you can be part of this team!

Tony Ramsek, an AiG staff member who is leading this trip, invites you to volunteer and join the evangelism group to help share Christ with others on the fairgrounds. Tony, who has a heart for the lost and a passion to proclaim the gospel, has led several trips like this before. Here’s what he says of last year’s Iowa State Fair outreach:

Last August the Lord gave Answers in Genesis a prominent booth at the Iowa State Fair. . . . Praise God that He blessed our gospel outreach with over 75 volunteers to help us share the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Iowa State Fair

By the grace of God, over the 11-day fair we gave out more than 75,000 Noah’s Ark “million dollar bills” with a clear, concise gospel message on the back, along with thousands of other apologetics witnessing booklets that give glory to God as Creator and Redeemer.

Iowa State Fair

Perhaps more importantly, God gave us literally hundreds of substantial creation gospel conversations. I mean meaningful Christ-centered dialogue that lasted from 30 minutes to over an hour. Not to mention the thousands of other shorter salvation-oriented or creation-based discussions we had with fair visitors.

Iowa State Fair

On the first day last year, we met a staunch atheistic evolutionist and did the difficult work of pre-evangelism, i.e. using creation apologetics to break down the strongholds of evolutionary beliefs. After over an hour of respectful yet intense conversation, he told us,

You guys are formidable debaters. . . . I appreciate you for what you do. . . . I respect you for spreading your faith.

The most exciting part of this story is that this evolutionist came back five days later to talk more about God, the Bible, and the purpose of life! I had another hour-long talk with him, but this time on a much more personal, intimate level. Praise God he heard the gospel of Jesus Christ because God’s Word will not return void.

Your help is vital to take full advantage of this opportunity. We’re looking for volunteers to help us man the gospel booth. Please consider sharing this outreach opportunity with your church leaders. They may want to bring their youth group or other groups to volunteer at the gospel booth.

To help equip you to share the gospel, everyone who signs up to volunteer for the gospel booth will be enrolled for free in our Foundations in Creation Apologetics popular online course—that’s a $159 value! Those who register will also receive a free copy of the book Will Our Generation Speak? A Call to Be Bold With the Gospel by Grace Mally (a $13.99 value).

Learn more and register on the events page of our website.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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