New Evangelistic Tool Unpopular Helps Spread the Gospel in a Digital Age

by Ken Ham
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Digital media is increasingly replacing print as the media of choice for Western consumers. Well, an engaging new evangelistic tool called Unpopular is now available on YouTube as a sort of digital gospel tract. Pastor Emilio Ramos and RedGraceMedia have put together a visually stunning and theologically compelling explanation of the gospel of Jesus Christ as a witnessing tool.

Being a Christian is sure to make anyone “unpopular” in our culture, yet the gospel is the only solution to the sin problem that we have all inherited from Adam. Unpopular does a great job highlighting our sin problem and explaining why Jesus is the only answer to that problem. Even if that message is unpopular, it’s the truth and we must tell others.

You can view a trailer below:

Along with the main evangelistic message, the website features a section that answers questions about the Bible, the church, and creation. I was filmed at our Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky, answering questions about the importance of understanding Genesis as a foundation for the message of the gospel. As you probably know, being a Christian can make you unpopular, but taking a clear stand on the historicity of Genesis can make you even more unpopular.

We are thankful that RedGraceMedia is taking a firm stand on biblical authority as they seek to spread the gospel. We encourage you to watch Unpopular and share it with others who need to know the forgiveness found in Jesus—the Creator and Redeemer. You can even order tracts to promote the film and encourage others to check it out. Unpopular is available on YouTube or at Tracts can be ordered from One Million Tracts’ online store.

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