Join Us for the Best of British Bible and Science Conference

by Ken Ham
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Join us for a one-of-a-kind conference, the Best of British Bible and Science Conference, May 5–6, 2017, at the Creation Museum. This special, one-time conference brings four of the top British creation apologists together under one roof, along with my younger brother, Steve Ham, and me. This gathering of speakers from Great Britain has never happened in the United States before, and you won’t want to miss these excellent speakers!

During this two-day conference, you’ll learn about powerful design evidence confirming creation, the consistency and credibility of the biblical text, and even archaeological discoveries in the British Museum that demonstrate the authenticity of the Scriptures beginning in Genesis.

Two of the speakers, Dr. Stuart Burgess and Dr. Andy McIntosh, are world-class designers—Dr. Burgess was even involved with designing the track bikes the British Olympic Cycling Team used to bring home six gold medals and multiple world records at the Rio Olympics last year. You’ll also hear from two leading biblical creationist evangelical theologians in the UK, Brian Edwards and Simon Turpin.

We’ve never had a conference with such a fascinating mixture of topics.

The Bible is under attack in our day, not only from secularists and the media, but also from many Christians who undermine and distort the text. Get equipped with answers about archaeology, myth interpretations of the Bible, design, and the authenticity of God’s Word so you can stand firm without doubt.

Make plans to attend the Best of British Conference. All attendees get access to great teaching as well as free passes to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter (a $60 value). Register before March 1, 2017, to get a 25% discount off the conference price.

Learn more on the events page of our website.

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