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by Ken Ham
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Evolution and millions of years dominate school curricula. From a very young age, students are taught to think with an evolutionary worldview in many of their subjects, but particularly in their science books. As believers, we want our young people to explore the wonder of God’s creation, but to do so through the lens of His Word. That’s why Answers in Genesis has developed a science curriculum—we love science and we want to encourage young people to study it for God’s glory.

God’s Design for Science

This newly updated, full-color set is designed for grades 3–8. Because its multi-level design can be used across grades, it’s the only elementary and middle school science curriculum you will need. Students will learn about chemistry, ecology, life science, earth science, and the universe through easy-to-teach lessons and hands-on experiments from regular household items.

Most importantly, young people will be taught to think about science through the lens of God’s Word. They will see that the evidence confirms God’s Word from the very beginning and that God’s handiwork can be seen all around us. Instill in your young person a love for God and science with these excellent science textbooks.

God’s Design for Science is available in our online store.

Wonders of the Human Body

Dr. Tommy Mitchell—a speaker and author here at Answers in Genesis as well as a medical doctor (internist)—has recently written a brand-new science curriculum on the incredible design of the human body. This junior-high anatomy and physiology curriculum covers the musculoskeletal system (volume one) and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems (volume two). As young people learn how their bodies work, they will also learn about the all-wise Creator who designed these incredibly complex systems.

The Wonders of the Human Body curriculum set is available at our online store.

Teaching from a Biblical Worldview

God’s Word is increasingly under attack in our anti-God culture. We need to equip our young people to think biblically and to defend God’s Word from these attacks. We also want to raise up a generation of scientists who practice science from a biblical worldview for the glory of God. That’s why we produced these curricula. I encourage you to consider adding them to your school routine.

Visit our online store to see all our curricula.

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