SBC President Visits the Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham on January 19, 2017
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I recently had the honor of taking my friend Dr. Steve Gaines, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church, and his wife Donna (who is a very talented and sought after women’s speaker) through the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. I spoke at Pastor Steve’s church in 2011, and he has visited the museum before. This was his first time visiting the Ark Encounter, and he was really looking forward to it.

Steve Gaines

While we were there, Pastor Steve and I did a Facebook Live video along with his wife and Pastor Corey Abney of Florence Baptist Church (a local church that supports AiG). Pastor Steve was very impressed with the quality and Bible-centered content of the exhibits, as well as the Ark itself, saying it was “done with excellence” and that he was “overwhelmed.” He encouraged all Southern Baptist pastors to bring groups to Northern Kentucky to see the Ark Encounter. He also said, "I believe with all of my heart that this is a destination that you and your churches need to come to, your family needs to come to.” He later added, “Even if you're not a Christian, you would enjoy being here at the Creation Museum and at the Ark exhibit.” I encourage you to watch this video:

Here are a few pictures from their visit to the Ark Encounter.

Ken Ham and the Gaines with Diorama Steve and Donna Gaines Inside Ark Steve and Donna Gaines During Ark Tour Steve and Donna Gaines on Roof with Ken Ham and Corey Abney Steve and Donna Gaines at Ark Door with Ken Ham and Corey Abney

We also had some time to enjoy dinner with Pastor Steve and Donna.

Steve and Donna Gaines

Thankful for Pastors Who Stand on God’s Word

I am so thankful for pastors and Christian leaders, like Steve Gaines, who stand on the authority of the Word of God. Sadly, many Christians are compromising on God’s Word with man’s ideas. This undermines the authority of infallible Scripture and exalts the ideas of fallible man. We need more pastors and leaders like Pastor Steve and Pastor Corey who love God and His Word and are willing to take a bold stand on biblical truth.

Learn more about planning a visit to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter at and

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