Learn How to Combat the Religion of Atheism

by Ken Ham on January 15, 2017
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The number of people who hold to a secular worldview is growing every year. At the heart of this worldview is a belief in evolutionary ideas. These secularists desperately need to hear they’re not related to apes, like they believe, but that they’re created in the image of God who sent His Son to became a man (the God-man) to pay the penalty for their sin (John 1:14) and offers salvation (Romans 5:17). That’s why we wrote World Religions and Cults Volume 3.

A Blind-Faith Belief

Atheism and secular humanism are religions—blind-faith beliefs. Atheists and secularists believe life came from nonlife by natural processes, but they can’t explain how that supposedly happened. They also can’t explain how the laws of nature came about by natural processes. Ask an evolutionist for the best evidence of evolution—they usually cite speciation, which has nothing to do with their molecules-to-man belief.

Those who reject the God of the Bible in favor of atheism have a blind-faith belief. Yes, many secularists don’t think for themselves and just blindly follow the religion of evolution to try to justify their rebellion against God. That’s why many get so emotional about it! They want to be their own god and write their own rules because they refuse to submit to their Creator.

Combating the Religion of Secularism

We need to show atheism for what it is—a religion many secularists are trying to impose on the entire culture. To help you understand and combat this growing anti-God religion, we’ve featured atheism as one of the beliefs in Answers in Genesis’ World Religions and Cults Volume 3.

Ultimately, atheism is a religion without any real hope, meaning, or purpose. It’s a blind-faith belief that flies in the face of what is evident around us in creation (Romans 1:20). This new volume will help equip you to gently confront atheists with the ultimate hopelessness, meaninglessness, purposelessness, and inconsistency of their own worldview. You will be better prepared to share the hope, meaning, and purpose that atheists can have in Christ.

Order World Religions and Cults Volume 3

You can order World Religions and Cults Volume 3 for your home, church, or school library at our online store. If you don’t already have Volume 1 (Counterfeits of Christianity) and Volume 2 (Moralistic, Mythical, and Mysticism Religions), you can get all three as a box set—including a bonus poster featuring the origin of all the religions.

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