Lieutenant Governor Returns to the Ark

by Ken Ham
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Kentucky’s Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton has had a very busy first year in office. She was sworn in just over a year ago with new Governor Matt Bevin. She paid a return visit to the Ark Encounter earlier this month, along with her sister visiting from Maryland. Lieutenant Governor Hampton recalled the rainy morning when she spoke at our ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Ark on July 5. On behalf of the governor’s office, she welcomed our first visitors and noted how apt the drizzle was, given the watery nature of Noah’s Flood.

At the Ark, Lieutenant Governor Hampton shared with us that it has been a very busy year of traveling, conducting meetings, and connecting with the citizens of Kentucky. However, she wanted to make sure that she could break away from her duties to show her sister through the Ark. Here is the photo of the two of them.

Lieutenant Governor and Sister

Kentucky’s Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton (left) and her sister (right) visit the Ark Encounter.

The lieutenant governor’s visit is a reminder that we should regularly pray for all of our elected officials, not only for those at the national level, but also for leaders who have great influence in their own states.

Greeting Visitors at the Door of the Ark

I was down at the Ark Encounter this week, seeing the new lights and tasting the delicious food at Emzara’s Buffet. It was great to meet Ark visitors at the door of the Ark—that’s my favorite place to meet people—it’s a reminder of Christ the Door.

Greeting Visitors at Ark Door Greeting Visitors at Ark Door Greeting Visitors at Ark Door

A Marriage Proposal

We even had a marriage proposal at the Creation Museum during our annual ChristmasTown. The only true marriage proposal: a man and a woman. The ring on her finger shows her answer!

Marriage Proposal Marriage Proposal

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