Lucy Was a Tree Climber After All

by Ken Ham
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The poster child of human evolution is the well-known Australopithecus afarensis fossil named Lucy, found in Ethiopia in 1974. Evolutionists believe she walked on two legs and therefore represents bipedality in one of our supposed ancestors. Well, according to a new study, Lucy was a tree climber. (By the way, while evolutionary beliefs continue to “evolve,” the Bible stays the same and continues to be confirmed by science over and over again.)

Apparently special CT scans of Lucy’s limbs showed evidence of tree-climbing behavior:

Other comparisons carried out in the study suggest that even when Lucy walked upright, she may have done so less efficiently than modern humans, limiting her ability to walk long distances on the ground. . . . All of her limb bones were found to be very strong relative to her body size, indicating that she had exceptionally strong muscles, more like those of modern chimpanzees.

Secularists are finally catching up with our high-tech Creation Museum exhibit by saying that Lucy was a tree climber!

Lucy Exhibit Lucy Exhibit

Creationists have been saying for years that Lucy wasn’t some kind of human ancestor. She’s just part of the great variety God built into the ape kind. The more scientists learn about Lucy, the more apparent it becomes that she’s just an ape.

Learn more about Lucy and her untimely death in this article by AiG’s Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, “Did Lucy Fall to Her Death Because She Climbed Our Family Tree?” And visit the Creation Museum near Cincinnati to see Dr. David Menton’s stunning Lucy exhibit. Plan your visit by going to

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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