Give the Gift of STEM and Apologetics This Christmas

by Ken Ham
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Are you looking for a gift that your inquisitive young person will remember forever? Instead of getting them a gadget, consider sending them to Northern Kentucky for a fun, faith-building experience at one of Camp Infinity’s upcoming summer camps. And enjoy the Creation Museum while here. Register now!

Camp Infinity (Ci) is a creation STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) camp—the only one like it that we know about. They combine hands-on STEM training and activities with solid biblical apologetics teaching. As campers explore how creation works, they will learn what God’s Word says, helping them develop a biblical worldview.

Ministries like Camp Infinity are vital for equipping the next generation.

During their time at Ci, campers will tour the world-class Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, and a local secular science museum to see how the two worldviews clash. They will notice that it’s the same evidence interpreted two different ways. One interpretation starts with God’s Word, the other starts with man’s ideas about the past.

In addition to touring the museum, campers, depending on which camp they select, will also visit the full-size Noah’s Ark at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky.

In a culture dominated by anti-God secular thinking, ministries like Camp Infinity are vital for equipping the next generation to stand firmly on the authority of God’s Word. Secularists are becoming increasingly aggressive about pushing their anti-God religion of naturalism on our culture, and we need to prepare our young people with answers to the skeptical questions of our day. In a fun, hands-on way, your young person will be equipped and encouraged at Ci.

We need to prepare [the next generation] with answers to the skeptical questions of our day.

If you have a science-minded child or grandchild who would benefit from the STEM training and apologetics teaching of Camp Infinity, I encourage you to consider sending them to Ci this summer.

Register for an overnight camp before December 15, 2016, to receive a Certificate of Registration and a free t-shirt or Nick Newton Is Not a Genius book to give your child on Christmas morning. And through January 1, 2017, you will also receive the early-bird tuition discount.

Learn more or apply today at

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