Christian Colleges—Compromising Since the 1970s

by Ken Ham
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Through my many years in ministry, I’ve heard countless testimonies of how God has used the creation-apologetics message to encourage and strengthen Christians. One thing I’ve called attention to for years is the compromise on Genesis and biblical authority in many Christian colleges. Instead of encouraging young people—the future leaders of the church and home—to trust God and His Word, many Christian schools actually plant seeds of doubt by teaching compromise positions that reinterpret God’s Word to accommodate man’s ideas.

Well, I recently received a short letter from an AiG supporter who included a pamphlet from 1991, when I was with the Institute for Creation Research, founded by the late Dr. Henry Morris (Answers in Genesis was founded in 1994). This old pamphlet included an article from me about the dangers of compromise in Christian colleges. Within that article I included this same supporter’s story from back in 1991.

I thought I would share her recent letter and part of the 1991 pamphlet.

Dear Mr. Ham,

We are so excited about the Ark Encounter project! . . . You reached me with the Creation message years ago. . .—enclosed is an old ICR pamphlet where you printed my story.

We will bring our grandchildren to see the Ark—because of it, I was witnessing to a close family member yesterday!

Here is some of her story from the 1991 pamphlet:

I have intended to write this letter for some time to express my heartfelt thanks to you personally as well as to everyone at ICR for touching my life and faith so profoundly through your creation ministry.

It was in the mid-70’s that I graduated from a small, conservation Christian college as a religion major. While there, I came under the teaching of a professor who was trained at Princeton Theological Seminary. In his upper-level religion course, Genesis was taught as an allegorical word picture—which did not have to be taken literally. With this new idea in mind, I was requested by the same professor to take an anthropology class taught by a dynamic young professor, who taught us evolution, point by point, then requested, in a final term paper, that we put our “faith and learning” together. I still have my paper in which I now see how I became a theistic evolutionist—and was quite proud that I now had an “enlightened” view of Scripture.

After college, I married and had two little sons who became fascinated with dinosaurs. As a Christian mother, I hated those dinosaurs, but was unable to explain to the boys why they should not have them.

Then, in February 1988, I attended the Central Illinois Sunday School Convention. . . . As I walked by the ICR booth and began looking at your materials, a little voice in my head said, “Stay away from these people! You know what you think!” I felt that I needed to hear you out, however, in the hopes that I could explain things better to my sons.

The room was packed. Thank you for explaining the fact that if we accept evolution and death before Adam’s fall, we nullify the work of the cross. I was hit like a ton of bricks in less than fifteen minutes time! The Lord already had me in Bible studies on Romans and 1 Corinthians—so my heart was ready for the truth!

Compromise was already infiltrating Christian schools back in the 70’s when this supporter attended school as a young lady, but the situation is much worse now. You can learn more about what your young person may really be learning at his or her Christian school in my coauthored book Already Compromised. I encourage every parent and young person looking toward college to read this book and be aware of the dangers in a compromised school. You can find Already Compromised at our online store.

To learn more about Christian colleges that take a firm stand on a literal Genesis and biblical authority, visit our special website,

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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