10 Reasons to Give Thanks to God for Who He Is

by Ken Ham

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, a wonderful American holiday to relax over a good meal with friends and family, and begin thinking about the Christmas season. But in all the hustle and bustle that comes with this time, let’s not forget to participate in the title of the day: thanksgiving!

After a grueling election season and a difficult year for many people, it’s necessary to thank our Lord for His many blessings to us throughout each and every day.

You see, thanksgiving puts our hearts in the right place with God, filling us with humility and praise. David knew this concept well. The Psalms are filled with David’s songs of praise to Almighty God:

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. (Psalm 118:1)
I will praise You with my whole heart; before the gods I will sing praises to You. I will worship toward Your holy temple, And praise Your name for Your loving kindness and Your truth. (Psalm 138:1–2)
Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands! Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before His presence with singing. (Psalm 100:1–2)

David didn’t always have it easy. In fact, he rarely did! But he always acknowledged the hand of God in his life, and God blessed him for it.

So what do we praise and thank God for? Though we typically start by thanking Him for our salvation and His daily provisions for us, we should also praise and thank Him for who He is. Here are just 10 of His countless traits to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  1. Faithful (Lamentations 3:23)
  2. Constant (James 1:17)
  3. True (John 14:6)
  4. Good (Matthew 7:11)
  5. Gracious (Romans 3:20–24)
  6. Longsuffering (2 Peter 3:9)
  7. Merciful (Hebrews 4:16)
  8. Powerful (1 Chronicles 29:11)
  9. Loving (John 3:16)
  10. Saving (Acts 4:12)

The list could go on and on! What a wonderful God we serve! May we always remember to thank and praise Him, this Thanksgiving and every day.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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