Join Us for Deaf Day at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham
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You are invited to join us at the Creation Museum for our seventh annual Deaf Day. And—as an added treat—you can make it a two-day event and come to the Ark Encounter (located just 40 minutes south of the museum) to join us for our first ever Deaf Day at the life-size Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky. We’re excited about this upcoming event, October 15–16, and hope many people will take advantage of this special outreach to the Deaf community.

Deaf Day at the Creation Museum (October 15) includes American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation of the museum’s shows and programs as well as captioning on our popular planetarium and Special FX Theater shows. Volunteers will be available to help with ticket and food purchasing as well as answering questions and providing directions. Our friend Calvin Farley, adjunct instructor of ASL at the University of Tennessee, will be speaking on Genesis and its relevance to our culture today. Since this talk will be voice interpreted for hearing guests, I encourage all to attend. Deaf Missions, a group of deaf college students, will also be performing a drama (also voice interpreted for hearing guests). You won’t want to miss this exciting event!

At the Ark Encounter (October 16) you will experience three decks full of world-class exhibits that will show you how Noah could’ve cared for the animals, how the Flood shaped our globe, and how Noah and his family might’ve lived during their voyage. ASL volunteers and interpreters will be available from 1–6 p.m. Deaf Day is the perfect time for deaf guests to experience the full-size Noah’s Ark, Ararat Ridge Zoo, and even the Screaming Eagle Arial Adventures with zip lines and challenge courses.

Deaf guests and their immediate family members can purchase Creation Museum tickets for only $10. Ark Encounter tickets are $40 per person. Learn more about Deaf Day on our Creation Museum website.

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