Bring Your Bible to School on October 6

by Ken Ham on October 5, 2016
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Did you know that here in America you have the legal right to bring your Bible with you to your public school? Bring Your Bible to School Day, a Focus on the Family initiative, encourages you to join tens of thousands of other students in doing just that on October 6, 2016. The First Amendment to the US Constitution protects both private speech and the free exercise of religion!

Many young people don’t know their rights. Because of secularists who bully Christians and try to remove all mentions of Christianity from government schools and other public places, many Christians think it’s illegal for them to take God’s Word with them to a public school. But it’s not at all. Bring Your Bible to School Day is a good reminder that the freedoms we enjoy here in America need to be protected for the next generation. In fact, Christian students have more freedom under the protection of the First Amendment than they realize. Sadly, secularists have intimidated people into thinking that Christians don’t have the right to private speech, all the while attempting to impose their religion of the secularist worldview on the culture.

Nate Kellum, the Chief Counsel for the Center for Religious Expression, a not-for-profit public interest law firm, shared this with me:

Students are citizens too. They have rights, including constitutional rights. And they don’t lose their constitutional rights when they step foot on campus. Consequently, students can bring Bibles whenever they are allowed to bring other written materials. They can read their Bibles during recess or other noninstructional time. The First Amendment is not subject to an age requirement.

Secularists here in Kentucky have been trying to bully public schools with unconstitutional threats about their bringing children to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. But as we’ve pointed out before, telling these schools they can’t bring kids to a religious attraction simply because it’s religious is showing hostility toward religion—something the government is not allowed to do. We’ve been encouraging schools to exercise their constitutional right and give kids the opportunity to see these world-class, family-friendly attractions. Actually, it’s the secularists who are undermining the Constitution by claiming that it’s illegal to take students to a religious facility as part of their education. Actually, it’s the secularists’ bullying that is unconstitutional and illegal!

Bring Your Bible to School Day is also a great opportunity to strike up conversations about God’s Word.

Bring Your Bible to School Day is also a great opportunity to strike up conversations about God’s Word with your friends, classmates, and even teachers. Let them see you reading God’s Word and explain to them the difference it has made in your life while pointing them toward the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you aren’t sure how you’ll respond to questions about the accuracy of God’s Word, I encourage you to equip yourself with solid answers from this article by Dr. Jason Lisle, “How Do We Know that the Bible Is True?

You can learn more at the Bring Your Bible to School Day website.

I urge Christians to stand up for their rights and not let secularists intimidate them or impose their secularist religion on the culture.

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