Shem’s Snack Shack

by Ken Ham
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Since opening on July 7, 2016, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of people pouring into Ark Encounter, our Noah’s-Ark-themed attraction south of Cincinnati. Now, most of these visitors are actually from outside the tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. We routinely have guests from as far away as California and Texas, as well as from many countries around the world.

Before the opening of the Ark Encounter, Williamstown, Kentucky, was not a major tourist attraction. The town has few restaurants or amenities to cater to all the tourists now flocking to the area. We anticipated that many people would take advantage of the new attraction by opening restaurants, gas stations, and hotels, further adding to Kentucky’s economy (which already has been reaping the benefits of hundreds of thousands of out-of-state guests) and the development of Williamstown. Well, we’re pleased that a new restaurant has just opened in Williamstown. It’s called Shem’s Snack Shack.

This new restaurant is family owned by supporters of the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, according to their website. They describe the snack shack, which serves “gourmet hot dogs flooded with flavor” as well as sides, sandwiches, and ice cream, as “no ordinary restaurant.” Notice some more puns in the description of its restaurant:

The gourmet hot dogs and specialty sandwiches alone will make you want to order them two by two! Shem’s combines the ambiance of a wholesome, family sit-down restaurant with a convenient, drop-by snack bar. Your hunger will quickly recede when you eat at Shem’s.

Shem’s even offers “The ARK Dog” described this way: “An all beef, jumbo hot dog of epic proportions. We are talking cubits in size. It is so big it won’t fit in our image box. This massive foot long includes pairings of toppings in two-by-two.”

I recently visited Shem’s Snack Shack and did a Facebook Live video while I was there. You can watch that video here:

Learn about Shem’s Snack Shack on their website and plan your visit to Ark Encounter at Be sure to stop by and grab a delicious gourmet hot dog while you’re in Williamstown and enjoy other amenities in the vicinity. Williamstown is about a 35-minute drive south of Cincinnati.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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