The Peyton Sisters Sing at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on September 29, 2016
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One of the blessings of working at the AiG ministry is to attend our Tuesday morning and Thursday morning staff meetings. Usually we have an outside speaker, typically a pastor, who comes to encourage us as we start the ministry day. We also use the meetings to share major announcements with our staff.

A highlight of any all-staff meeting is to be blessed by Christian musical groups that will hold a mini-concert to bless our staff. That was the case when the growing-in-popularity Peyton sisters (Rachael, 12, and Riley, 14) came before our staff last week. Their concert was mostly made up of southern gospel music, which they perform with groups like the Gaithers and other well-known Christian musicians all around the country.

They certainly gave us an amazing performance as they used their God-given talents to glorify Him in song.

Peyton Sisters

I took a short video on my iPhone as they sang one of my favorite hymns—“How Great Thou Art.”

After the staff meeting, I even had the privilege of playing the piano for them while they sang “How Great Thou Art.”

The sisters, plus parents Jerry and Anita, toured the life-size Ark the day before, and called the Ark “phenomenal.” They already are big boosters of the Creation Museum.

Here is the website for these wonderful young ladies who use their considerable talent to praise God and proclaim His Word: (By the way, think about your church hosting a concert by the Peytons.)

Peyton Sisters

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