Humanist Pastors?

by Ken Ham on September 10, 2016
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The number of secular people in Britain has been steadily growing for years, now apparently reaching a plateau at a staggering 48% of the population. And as I’ve been saying for years, what has happened in Britain is now happening here in the United States. Where Britain is today, America will be tomorrow if it keeps heading the direction it is going right now. We’re quickly seeing the rise of secularism, and the number of those who identify as nonreligious (though, really, they practice the religion of secular humanism) is growing every year.

A news item reports that in Britain there are a growing number of humanist chaplains “providing ‘pastoral’ support for the non-religious” to give “’a listening ear’ during difficult times in their lives, much in the same way that the religious have.” The British Humanist Association says,

Religious chaplains work to support people at some of life’s most trying times, or in moments of emotional difficulty or moral uncertainty. . . . For a very long time, non-religious people haven’t been able to benefit in that same way from having a non-judgmental person to speak to who shares their outlook on the world.

But what kind of hope can these humanist “pastors” offer the sick, dying, or hurting? In their worldview when you die, that’s it—you’re dead. You won’t remember you lived, and eventually no one else will remember you lived either. Where’s the hope in that? What exactly is the point of a humanist “pastor” who can offer no hope? And what do they mean by “non-judgmental person?” What they mean is that they don’t want anyone giving people the hope of the gospel—the sure hope of eternal life with Christ. They don’t want anyone telling people about their sin and why they die and what the solution is.

Secularism and humanism don’t offer hope. Hope is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Secularism and humanism don’t offer hope. Hope is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Death isn’t the end. Because of Christ’s death on the Cross, where He took our penalty for sin—death—upon Himself, and His triumphant Resurrection, we can have eternal life. Christ offers this eternal life as a free gift to all who will put their faith and trust in Him. That’s real hope—the only hope!

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