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If you followed the Olympic games that recently took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, you may know that the British cycling team put on a grand performance. They won eleven Olympic medals, including six gold, four silver, and a bronze. In contrast, no other nation at the Rio games won more than two medals in track cycling.

Well, what you may not know is that a creation scientist was involved in designing their bicycles!

Professor Stuart Burgess is a professor of engineering design at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. He has an impressive resume! He’s won multiple awards for his engineering design work, holds seven patents, and even designed parts of rockets and spacecraft for the European Space Agency. And he’s a biblical creationist who has spoken for Answers in Genesis both here in America and across the UK. Secularists like Bill Nye (TV’s “The Science Guy”) often say that creationists can’t be real scientists. Well, Professor Burgess is definitely both a real scientist and a creationist! In fact, I used a video quote from Professor Burgess during the 2014 debate I had with Bill Nye at the Creation Museum to counter his false accusation that creationists can’t be good scientists.

Professor Burgess was the principal investigator on a two-year project carried out by the University of Bristol to develop “one of the world’s most accurate test rigs for measuring the efficiency of bicycle chain transmissions.” This new test rig allowed them to work with Great Britain’s cycling team to develop and select “chains and chainrings for [their] world-beating track bikes.” Professor Burgess said, “The riders are the main reason for the success at Rio, but it is important to optimize every part of the bike because every country is continuously improving their bike technology.”

Here’s a short video about this research:

It’s ridiculous to claim that creationists can’t be scientists or engineers. Modern science was largely founded on the work of creation scientists! Secularists who make such claims about creationists conveniently forget the history of science. In fact, some people have wondered if Mr. Nye has contributed any groundbreaking research himself that has resulted in advanced technology to benefit the world.

If you live in or are planning to visit the UK soon, you can hear Professor Burgess speak along with Professor Steve Taylor and Simon Turpin, October 7–8, 2016, at Brockington College, Leicester, Leicestershire. This event is free. You can get more information on our events page.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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