Fossil Find Open at Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham
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Families and kids of all ages love the many attractions we feature at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. Not only is our museum filled with world-class exhibits (including high-tech animatronics), but our grounds are also full of fun things to do. We have a petting zoo with a variety of animals such as alpacas, wallabies, coatis, a zorse, and a zonkey. Our other attractions include camel rides and beautiful botanical gardens. One new and already very popular attraction is the Cedarville University Mining Company sluice.

This authentic mining sluice allows kids and families to pan through a bag of dirt for beautiful gems. They are then able to identify the gems while learning more about geology. Well, this learning activity has been so popular that we have something similar now open at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, 40 miles from the museum!

Camp Infinity, a creation apologetics camp directed by AiG board member Dan Wooster, has sponsored a fossil find sluice. Guests of all ages are able to find their own fossils (and it really is a generous amount of fossils) and take home a card that gives a biblical explanation for how fossils can form. Not only do children—and adults—have a great time, but they also learn about the science of paleontology from a biblical perspective.

Here is a Facebook Live video that I recorded when the fossil sluice opened. You can see people finding all kinds of fossils, including shark teeth (a favorite with children).

Dan Wooster shared that he recently saw two secular bumper stickers that read, “We win. We have fossils,” and “On which day did your god create fossils?” Evolutionists often appeal to the fossil record to support their ideas about the history of life. In public schools and in the media, kids are almost always taught only one perspective—the evolutionary one. But the history in God’s Word provides a much better framework for understanding fossils. Kids need to be taught to think biblically about fossils and to learn that science confirms God’s Word from the very beginning. As we explain at the Creation Museum, fossils don’t come with labels on them. Evolutionists and creationists add labels to fossils, and of course the creationist labels are telling the truth! This fossil sluice will help kids think biblically about fossils while they have fun.

Who knows? We may just inspire some future, biblical paleontologists!

If you have a science-minded young person, I encourage you to check out Camp Infinity for next summer. You can learn more at

Plan your visit to Ark Encounter at, and be sure to check out our fossil find sluice during your visit.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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