Science Camp Equips Campers with a Biblical Worldview

by Ken Ham

From the time they are children, young people are bombarded with evolutionary teaching from school, the media, museums, books, and so on—pretty much everywhere. For those who are science minded, it can be challenging to study science in a world so dominated with naturalistic, atheistic, and evolutionary thinking. These young people—the next generation of scientists and researchers—need to be equipped to think biblically while nurturing their love for science.


That’s why I’m a fan of Camp Infinity. Like us here at Answers in Genesis, Ci is dedicated to teaching the next generation solid observational science while equipping them with a biblical worldview. During their time at camp, young people will do hands-on science activities, learn faith-affirming apologetics, hear from AiG scientists, tour the nearby Creation Museum, and much more.

Ken training Camp Infinity staff

Hands-on Science

Many secularists, such as Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” constantly say that creationists don’t do real science. As the researchers here at AiG have shown, this is just plain false! Many of our full-time PhD scientists are still active in research and regularly publish papers.

Well, the director of Camp Infinity, Dan Wooster, wants people to know that Camp Infinity campers do real science every day through hands-on experiments and activities. They learn how to answer questions and develop more questions, just like scientists do. The difference is that these budding scientists learn to do science starting from a biblical worldview and to think using God’s Word as their foundation. We need more scientists like this!

Zip line

Summer Camps

This summer at Camp Infinity, campers will learn about energy. Through a variety of exciting hands-on science activities such as the Energy Theater, robotics, solar ovens, and using a calorimeter, campers will work together to learn about what energy is, where it comes from, how we measure it, and how it’s transferred. In today’s world, the question of energy (renewable versus nonrenewable) is a hot button issue, and young people need to be equipped to think biblically about this topic.

Space is becoming limited, but there are still some available spots for some of Camp Infinity’s summer camps. For those who live in the Northern Kentucky area, teen day camp (from June 27–July 1) is a great option for those in grades 7–12. Campers will tour the Creation Museum, go on a Creation Science Investigation (CSI) adventure, work with robotics, and have a physics zip line experience on the biggest and best zip lines in the Midwest, located here at the Creation Museum.


Camp Infinity’s five-day overnight camp, from July 11–15, is a popular option for many young people. Last year, campers came from 31 states including Alaska, California, and Texas. Like the other camps, this one includes plenty of science activities coupled with solid apologetics and biblical worldview teaching.

Dr. Danny Faulkner

Apply Today

If your young person is inquisitive and science minded, I encourage you to apply to Camp Infinity today. There are still scholarship opportunities available, but they will go fast. The application is free with no obligation and allows you to determine what financial aid or scholarship opportunities you may be applicable for. Space is limited, so apply today.

You can learn more about visiting the Ark Encounter—opening in less than a month—at Also find out about Renew-A-Thon, our family conference, taking place this August here at the Creation Museum’s Legacy Hall. Attendees visit not only the museum but the Ark as well (45 minutes away). Admission to both world-class attractions is included in the registration fee.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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