Evidence of a Catastrophic Flood in Antarctica?

by Ken Ham on June 9, 2016

For years, most scientists thought that Antarctic creatures were safe from the supposed dinosaur extinction event. But new research suggests that the alleged catastrophe thought to be responsible for wiping out dinosaurs also affected those in the far south. But what was this global catastrophe? Was it an asteroid impact millions of years ago or a watery judgment by God on a wicked world?

The Flood

A “Sudden and Catastrophic Event”

Well, as I was reading a report about this new research, I had to smile. Some of the comments the lead author of the paper makes about his research sound more like something a biblical creationist who believes in Noah’s Flood would say than statements from an evolutionist! He says,

Our research essentially shows that one day everything was fine—the Antarctic had a thriving and diverse marine community—and the next, it wasn't. Clearly, a very sudden and catastrophic event had occurred on Earth.

Of course, he’s referring to the supposed dinosaur extinction event when evolutionists say an asteroid crashed onto earth. But maybe the catastrophe that turned the waters of Antarctica from a “thriving and diverse marine community” into layers of fossils was the global Flood of Noah’s day!

The history found in God’s infallible Word perfectly explains what we see in the world.

One day everything was normal, and then suddenly “the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened” (Genesis 7:11). As the floodwaters rose over the land, first scouring the shallow ocean floor and ripping up miles of sediment and then re-depositing it in layers, billions of creatures—many of them marine—were rapidly buried, sealed off from oxygen and scavengers, and fossilized. The history found in God’s infallible Word perfectly explains what we see in the world today.

Rapid Burial

The researcher goes on to say,

Most fossils are formed in marine environments, where it is easy for sediment to accumulate rapidly and bury parts of animals, such as bones, or bodies of creatures with a hard shell. For a dinosaur or other land animal to become fossilised, a series of favourable events are needed, such as for bones to fall into stagnant water and be buried rapidly to prevent decomposition, or be washed out to sea by rivers. This means that marine fossils are generally much more abundant.

Biblical creationists have been saying for years that the fossil record shows evidence of rapid burial, not slow and gradual processes over millions of years. Can slow and gradual process account for the billions and billions of fossils found in rock layers all around the world? No! They show clear evidence of having been buried in a catastrophe.

Some of these rock layers even contain fossil graveyards of plants and animals rapidly buried on a massive scale. On such example is a seven-foot thick layer within the Redwall Limestone of Grand Canyon. Within this one layer we find billions of nautiloids (squid-like creatures) and other marine creatures. What could account for such a catastrophe? Well, the global Flood of Noah’s day provides the perfect explanation. These nautiloids were swimming along when they were rapidly buried by sediment carried by the floodwaters.

If the rock layers and fossils are the result of a global Flood, we’d expect most fossils to be from marine creatures.

And it is no surprise that the vast majority of fossils are marine. If the rock layers and fossils are the result of a global Flood, we’d expect most fossils to be from marine creatures. And, of course, that’s exactly what we see. Observational science confirms God’s Word from the very beginning.

Learn More

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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