Noah Conference and the Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham

Were you aware that some national conferences are now being held in our Northern Kentucky area so that the attendees can also visit the Creation Museum and the soon-to-open Ark Encounter?

One of these special outreach events, the Noah Conference, coming August 19–20 (Friday–Saturday), is actually piggybacking off the opening of our Ark on July 7. In fact, I have been asked to give a keynote presentation at this national meeting being held at the facilities of Florence Baptist Church in Northern Kentucky (south of Cincinnati), conveniently located about halfway between the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. This conference is particularly centered on the topic of how families can better equip young people to be bold in their faith as they answer the skeptical questions of our age.

It’s wonderful to know that the always-entertaining Benham brothers will be at the Noah Conference. They spoke to our AiG staff last year, and they are a hoot; but the Benhams have serious messages to share—including the warning of society’s growing intolerance toward Christians, exemplified by how their show on the HGTV network was cancelled because of their biblical views. Kevin Swanson, an organizer of this event, is also one of the speakers. He has interviewed me many times on his Generations Radio program.

Included in the conference registration fee is admission to the Ark Encounter. Attendees will also enjoy a substantial discount to tour the Creation Museum with a two-day pass. Discover more at

Other Attractions

By the way, there are many other attractions for families to enjoy in our Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. For example, there’s the excellent Newport Aquarium, the renowned Cincinnati Zoo, games played by sports teams like the Cincinnati Bengals and Reds, the Kentucky Horse Park in famous Bluegrass Country just south of the Ark, the Air Force Museum in Dayton (which is free), Kings Island amusement park, and many other wonderful attractions in this area.



Earlier in August, we are holding our own national conference called Renew-A-Thon in Legacy Hall of the Creation Museum, featuring AiG speakers. Lasting longer than the Noah Conference and organized to maximize flexible schedules, this unique event will offer families a vacation that allows them to be spiritually fed and physically refreshed as they enjoy this special series of events, teaching sessions, and visits to the Ark and the Creation Museum.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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