Ark Encounter at the Indy 500

by Ken Ham on May 29, 2016

The number 18 car at this afternoon’s Indianapolis 500 race was driven by Conor Daly. This young driver (age 24) was cosponsored this year by the Ark Encounter. At this 100th Indy 500, with over 350,000 people at the race, Daly wore the Ark Encounter logo on the arm of his suit and on the side of his car.

A little over halfway through the race (lap 115), when he was in 12th or 13th place, a car crashed in front of him and it spun Conor out, so that the front of his car hit the wall. He is doing OK we are glad to report. Conor stated right afterwards to his crew: “We’re done. I’m fine, I think . . . I’m sorry guys.” A crew member responded, "You were a driving maniac today. You were impressive. So sorry for you.”

Just before the race started, one of our staff members was able to go down on the track and take this photo just before Conor climbed into his racecar. The Ark logo is next to the cockpit where Conor sits.

Conor Daly’s car at Indy 500

Our hometown newspaper The Cincinnati Enquirer mentioned our sponsorship today. Find out more about our sponsorship by reading my blog post about Conor that was posted on Friday, and watch my video interview with this young man.

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