It’s Confirmed: A Snake is a Snake!

by Ken Ham

Evolutionists claim that the fossil record chronicles the history of life over millions of years. But the more we study the fossil record, the more it’s clear that, even over supposed millions of years, organisms haven’t really changed that much.

Millions of Years

For example, research conducted on a supposedly 10-million-year-old fossilized snake shows that snakes haven’t changed in those 10 million years. Although the pigment from the snake deteriorated long ago, the shapes of the individual cells were actually preserved in this specimen. This allowed scientists to determine the coloring patterns of the snake’s skin.

The researchers explain that snakes have three different types of pigment cells: “iridophores at the top, xanthophores in the middle, and melanophores at the bottom.” How these cells are distributed around the body determines patterns on the skin. Now, the scientists in this study took the shape of the cells in the fossil and matched them with the cells of living snakes. Interestingly, in the supposed 10 million years, the snake’s cells were so similar that scientists were able to piece together the snake’s coloring patterns! It likely had a white underbelly and black-yellow-green patterning across the back.

The article concludes by saying, “The snake’s coloration also could provide clues about the way colors and color patterns evolved over time, as well as their evolutionary purpose.” But how did this study show evolution? It showed that snake-skin cells have always been snake-skin cells! There was no evolution in the supposed 10 million years from when this creature was fossilized to the present—the same cells, in the same shape, are thought to produce the same colors.

The fossil record doesn’t show us life’s slow evolution from single cell to modern man. It’s largely the record of God’s judgment on a wicked world at the time of the global Flood of Noah’s day. The billions of dead things in the rock layers should remind us of God’s judgment but also of His mercy to save, just as He saved Noah and his family. There is another coming judgment, but we can be saved through Jesus Christ by repenting and believing in His name.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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