Challenge Your Church with the Scriptures

by Ken Ham

A big part of what we do here at Answers in Genesis is to conduct Bible-upholding conferences at churches and other venues. We have a talented and dynamic group of speakers with various backgrounds and specialties who would love to come to your church or group. Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a medical doctor and one of our full-time speakers, explains why having an AiG speaker come to your church is so important,

Church leaders tell AiG that churches have been transformed by one of our speakers. What we do is focus the church on issues of biblical authority. You see, the questions we might answer in California are the same questions we will answer in Minnesota, which are the same questions we answer in Virginia. The core issues that the secular world throws at Christians are things we deal with, and we have answers to equip Christians to defend the Christian faith and challenge non-Christians concerning the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis. These answers also help stop young people in the church from doubting the Word of God as so many today are prone to do because of what they’re taught in public schools and media.

Now we don’t have every answer, but the same questions I had about the Christian faith 30 years ago are the same questions people have today. And we want to go in and answer those questions with sound biblical answers. It gives Christians confidence; and if you’re confident in the authority of Scripture, it makes you a bolder, more effective witness. Many people don’t want to go out and witness and share the gospel because they’ve heard that the Bible’s not true, it’s a bunch of fairytales, what about the dinosaurs, and so on?

So we want to challenge people to understand how science confirms God’s Word, and get into the Scriptures and to really look for themselves to find these answers because they are there. If we give people a core set of answers, it’s going to really encourage them. I’ve heard a lot of encouraging testimonies from pastors over the last ten years, and so many churches have asked us to come back because they do see it’s effective.

You can easily book a highly trained, dynamic AiG speaker to come and speak at your church or group through our outreach page. You’ll be encouraged by the message of biblical authority. We can trust God’s Word, from the very beginning.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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