Euthanasia—a Logical Consequence of Naturalistic Evolutionary Thinking

by Ken Ham on April 7, 2016

We live in a society that increasingly devalues human life. Routinely the unborn are killed, often merely for convenience sake. Really, as a culture, we’re sacrificing our children to the god of self—no different from the ancient pagan cultures in the Bible. And it’s not just the unborn. Increasingly people of all ages are also being killed for convenience sake.


Euthanasia, the killing of those who are terminally ill, or suffering, has been legalized in many European countries. Reportedly, this has led to allowing people to be euthanized, not just for terminal illness, but also for disabilities, mental illness, and even autism! In Belgium, one woman with autism and a history of mental illness was supposedly euthanized at her distraught request after a romantic relationship ended. And a medical researcher in Europe suggests it should be legal for euthanasia patients to have their organs removed while they are still alive to better the chances that the organ transplant will be successful. This would involve sedating the patient and removing the needed organs, of course, resulting in death.

Euthanasia is actually a logical consequence of naturalistic evolutionary thinking. After all, if we’re all just animals that arose by natural processes, why not “help” the old, infirm, or ill die? It’s survival of the fittest (or whoever is deemed worthy to survive), right? Evolution progresses by actively or even passively weeding out the weak (or those not suitable in a particular circumstance), not helping them survive. Though few people would actually admit to thinking this way, we’re seeing the fruit of it through abortion and euthanasia.

When we start with God’s Word, we see that euthanasia of a person is murder because it kills someone who is made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27, 9:6). Our infinite Creator has given all human life value because we are image bearers of God. The biblical worldview upholds the value of human life from birth to natural death.

You can learn more about a biblical response to euthanasia in Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell’s article, "Is Euthanasia a Biblical Solution to Terminal Illness or Suffering?

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