Earth: Just Right for Life

by Ken Ham on April 3, 2016

Evolutionists are desperate to show that earth is just one of thousands of earth-like planets that could potentially support life. After all, if life just happened to evolve here, then it must have happened in many other places by natural processes. In their view, we can’t be unique or special because we’re just a cosmic accident. If our planet is the only planet supporting life, then the idea of evolution is called into question.


Well, despite years of research, scientists still haven’t found any evidence of life on other planets. And they’ve found very few earth-like planets that they claim have even a slight chance of hosting life.

The more they study earth and our solar system, the more they realize that earth is uniquely suited for life. We don’t live on a random chunk of rock—we live on a privileged planet with just the right characteristics for life to survive and thrive. But because of the sin nature of humans, most would rather consider any possibility, except that an infinite Creator God who brought the universe and life into existence. Of course, when people accept that God created them, then He owns them and has the right to determine what is good and bad—to determine that we’re sinners in need of salvation and that marriage is for one man and one woman!

Some of the conditions that make earth perfectly suited to host life are its distance from the sun (in the so-called “Goldilocks Zone”—not too far away and not too close), abundant liquid water, a breathable atmosphere, the perfectly sized sun to provide energy without killing life, and a perfectly sized moon to control the tides. And these are just a few of the necessary conditions for life to continue. And of course, the information and code system for life could never arise by natural processes anyway—there is no law of nature that would support such a phenomenon. In fact, the law of Biogenesis totally contradicts the belief that life could arise by natural processes.

Well, a new study suggests that earth’s magnetic field is also vital to keeping us from getting fried by our sun. Stars that are similar to our sun sometimes have violent solar flares that would destroy any life that happened to be nearby. This makes it even more improbable that even earth-life planets with sun-like stars can host life. Now, evolutionists assume our sun was like this billions of years ago and that earth’s proto-magnetic field shielded earth from being destroyed. Of course, starting with God’s Word we know that our sun is not billions of years old and that earth’s magnetic field did not evolve.

God created earth with all of the right conditions for life to survive and thrive as He filled the land and seas with all kinds of organisms. Our wonderfully designed magnetic field protects us from much of the harm the sun could do to us. It’s just another example of the care and wisdom God put into creating life and the universe.

To read more about the perfect conditions for life on earth, read AiG astronomer Danny Faulkner’s article “Was the Sun Far Less Stable in the Past?

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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